Monday, October 3, 2011

The One with the Ingredients Price

Yeehh..I am baking on Sundays....
Cik Ngah has been quite busy this weekend. Went back to Temerloh on Friday evening, and had been baking non-stop on Sunday! Cik Ngah had to bake to fulfill friends orders for cookies and Strawberry Surprise Cupcakes, all to be delivered today.. Alhamdulillah all went well except that Cik Ngah had issues with the cream cheese topping, so the cream cheese topping has become Butter Cream, Cream Cheese Topping!..And worst of all Cik Ngah had forgetten to take pictures! Too tired I think!!!
Cookies anyone?....

Well back to the title of this post, since Cik Ngah has started taking orders for cookies, Cik Ngah had done some survey on baking ingredients price. In fact it was done on last Saturday evening. So far Cik Ngah had listed down the prices from Bagus, OTK, 99 Speedmart and Giant. Main ingredient was off course, butter! So Cik Ngah wants to share with readers the result;

The winner so far is 99 Speedmart with tthe cheapest SCS and Buttercup. Unfortunately the mart does not sell other brands! Cik Ngah will continue the survey and share it with all!!! Sharing is caring!!!


  1. Thanks. am an amateur baker and abt to start my biz.this was helpful!

    1. Good luck and all the best.. Enjoy your baking.