Monday, October 17, 2011

Macaroons Anyone?

Picture from the net... I wish I could bake Macaroons like this!!!
It has been a while since my attempts to bake macaroons, when was that? hemm.. oh the 1st attempt was on 19th Jun, 1 week after Cik Ngah attended Macaroons class, 2nd was on 25th Jun, and 3rd was on 11th Sep!! Let's follow my Macaroon making journey....French Method!

0 Attempt - Macaroon Class
French method Macaroon made in the class by Lea Oven
    1st Attempt - DIY at Home

With feet but hollow shells....and the shells stick to the parchment paper...
2nd Attempt - DIY at Home

Better, with feet but still had air pocket
 in the shell..did not stick to the paper
With Peanut Butter filling...
3rd Attempt - DIY at Home
Meet My Rose Flavored Macaroon with Peanut Butter Filling.. Yes I did it!!
The 3rd attempt was considered successful to me at least - Alhamdulillah...the look of my macaroons were not so pretty. My inconsistent piping was to be blamed at!!! Fuhhh...

Though teacher Kak Lea already told us in the class that the success factor of Italian method is higher than the French method, Cik Ngah insisted on trying the French method! Well actually it was because Cik Ngah did not have candy thermometer and could not find one! The thermometers were on sale at Lea Oven after the class but I did not get one..why? I honestly do not know why! he he he...

Next Macaroon journey will be the Italian method as I have already bought the candy and oven thermometer. When? Only time will tell!

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