Caramel Cake

Combinations of flavours and colours....Currently we have 5 flavours for you to choose from;
1) Original - Vanilla; colour of your choice and we recommend not more than 4 colours.
2) Berries Fiesta - Strawberries, Blueberries and Blackberries
3) Coconut Delight - Pandan, Yam and Coconut
4) Ispahan - Inspired by the famous Macaroon - Ispahan by Pierre Hermes. Combination of Raspberries, Rose and Lychee..
5) Chocolate Orange - Combinations of Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Orange.

RM35 for 9" Vanilla cake
RM40 for 9" cake of Mix Flavours
Original Vanilla
Berries Fiesta

Berries Fiesta...