Macadamia Chocolate Chip Cookies (MCCC)
Delicious, crunchy and nutty chocolate chips cookies, a local and homemade version of Famous Amous!
A must buy!

RM25 per 300g
Tri Colored Chop Cookies (TCC)
3 delicious flavors to tantalize your taste buds; white chocolate, strawberry chocolate and coffee chocolate
chips in cookies with crunchy almond flake.

RM25 per 300g 
Double Chocolate Chips Pecan Cookies (DCCP)
Crunchy chocolate cookies with chocolate chips and pecan nut pieces… another local homemade version of
Famous Amous

RM25 per 300g
Bright-Eye Susan Cookies (BES) 
Crunchy, light and less sweet cookies coated with crushed Cashew Nuts and top with big red bright
cherries to sweeten them..also A must buy!

RM30 per box of 48-50 pieces 
Nestum Melting Moments (NMM) 
Crunchy, less sweet cookies coated with Nestum and top with cherries to sweeten them..

RM25 per box of 48-50 pieces