Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to make your minced Onions/Garlic lasts longer?

The secret? Keep them in glass jar or container in the fridge!!!
Cik Ngah believes that as working wives or mothers, we always find ways to ease our way in the kitchen. Especially if we want our family to eat home cook meals and you have no maid or helper in the kitchen! One of the ways to shorten time to cook is to have the main ingredients ready especially the onions and the chilli paste!

This is what Cik Ngah do:
  1. Onions and garlic is chopped using food chopper or the dry blender can also be used. This is to avoid mixing water if you use the blender. This way onions or garlic last longer. Keep the minced onions/garlic in a glass jar/container in the fridge- this is important to prolong the shelf life of the onions/garlic.
  2. Chilli paste, cook the dry chillies in the water. Let it boil for a while. Strain the chillies in the strainer and put them under running water. This way the seeds will reside at the bottom of the strainer. To make paste, blend the chillies in the blender with vegetable oil instead of water. Only use a little bit of boiled water. Keep in glass jar/container in the fridge.

Remember! Use glass jar!

These ingredients are always available in Cik Ngah fridge for expedite home cook meals! Using these methods the ingredients last almost 1 month. Sometimes longer! So far these things had never gone bad before I finished them off, though Cik Ngah seldom cooks!

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