Sunday, February 20, 2011

Domestic Diva Awards 2010

One of Cik Ngah's favourite magazine is Malaysian Women's Weekly. But it has been quite a while since my last purchased. Cik Ngah has just purchased the February 2010 issue last Friday for something to read while waiting for Hubby to finish his meeting in Kuantan. Oh yes, Cik Ngah was asked to follow Hubby to Kuantan so Cik Ngah took leave on Friday.

To Cik Ngah's surprise, this issue has the result of Domestic Diva Awards for Home category! Yes, very useful information for us, women!! Let Cik Ngah proceed with the winner;

Best Rice Cooker = PANASONIC Microcomputer Jar Rice Cooker SR-MG182

Panasonic Microcomputer Jar Rice Cooker
SR-MG182, RM399
Just last week Cik Ngah told Cik Ngah's BFF that the Panasonic rice cooker that Cik Ngah's used were the best so far. Bila masak nasi memang berbeza resultnya, nasi lembut, fluffy dan evenly cooked. Cik Ngah suka masak nasi lemak dalam periuk ni..sedap! But Cik Ngah own the cheaper version SR-MPA18 - RM299. The secret is the inner pot - Diamond Fluorine coated.

Sure enough, Cik Ngah was right, it was voted Best Rice Cooker. Yg sedihnya Cik Ngah had to purchase a new one as the one that Cik Ngah's own dah tak boleh dipasang balik! Cik Ngah hari tu bukak tutup rice cooker utk cuci segala, lepas tu tak boleh pasang balik as one of the getah dia tu dah longgar, errr Cik Ngah rendam getah tu!!! My fault!!!! Arghhh I miss my rice cooker!!

So sesapa mencari rice cooker, get the one with Diamond Fluorine coated inner pot.

Best Blender =  PHILIPS Aluminium Collection Blender HR2094

Philips HR2094, RM439
Cik Ngah also own Philips blender and loving it! But not this winner, too expensive! Anyway Philips blender's blades are the best to Cik Ngah.

Anything that Cik Ngah blend smooth giler!! Especially my cili kering, no seeds or clili flakes. All blended perfectly. Memang Cik Ngah suka sgt blender Philips Cik Ngah, bila guna blender kat rumah Mak or sister, Cik Ngah mesti tak puas hati! Kalau blend cili tu mesti tak hancur, ada seed and chili flakes!!

So ladies, get your Philips blender or better get this winner!!!

Best Cake Mixer = KENWOOD KMM760 Premier Major   Kitchen Machine

Kenwood KMM760, RM2,999.00
My dream mixer, belum own one lagi! Ever since Cik Ngah kat UK masa study dulu. Tapi tak tercapai, sampai sekarang!

One of my material wish for this year to get a mixer Kitchen Aid or Kenwood. So my decision is Kenwood then!!!

However may be not this one, the cheaper version off course!! But I wish I could get this one! Let see, soon!

Best Juicer = PANASONIC Juicer MJ-70M

Panasonic MJ-70M, RM179.00
This winner, Cik Ngah didn't expect at all. The juicer is cheap, and I thought sure the other expensive juicers could have won the award. But hey, cheap does not mean not good!

And guess what? I own this one too. But now it is securely wrapped and stored in the kitchen cabinet! Cik Ngah dah lama tak juicing!
Best Cookware = TEFAL Preference Black Non-stick Cookware

Every kitchen needs non stick cookware. Before this Cik Ngah didn't know which brand is the best. Cik Ngah bought the ones on sale!!

Anyway, Cik Ngah's non-stick Wok pan need to be replaced already. And now I know which brand to buy!!

Best Oven = BOSCH HBA78B750 

BOSCH HBA78B750, RM8,588.00
Terkezuut Cik Ngah tengok harga oven ni, boleh dapat Cik Ngah punya current kitchen cabinet!

Cik Ngah own an Europa Jet Oven, cost Cik Ngah about RM1000.00. So far it is working well to my baking and cooking! Good enough for me.

Still terkezuut with the price!!!!

Best Refrigerator = LG Side by Side Refrigerator

LG GR-P247CSP, RM9,999.00

Almost RM10k for a fridge! Cik Ngah memang berangan nak side by side fridge ni.

My current fridge is already more than 10 years old., but to get this one? Err not in a million!!! But I will consider LG when buying for my new fridge..

 Best Microwave =  ELECTROLUX Convection EMS3067X

Electrolux EMS3067X, RM1,128.00
Cik Ngah did own a microware convection oven 15 years ago! Samsung. Cik Ngah bought when Cik Ngah was a student in the UK. Gave that one to my mum. Memang Cik Ngah beli utk dia pun.

To me this is not a necessity in my kitchen so I didn't have one yet! This winner I think is a good buy though. Reasonable price.

Best Extractor Hood = ELECTROLUX Ultra Clean Chimney Hood and Best Stove Top = ELBA 8040SS Slim Stove
EFC9573X, RM2,496.00

Cooker hood, to Cik Ngah need to buy a good one, but stove does not matter too much, as long as the stove do produce fire to cook. Hood, Electrolux is the winner!

Best Vacuum Cleaner = ELECTROLUX Ultra Silencer Green
Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green, RM1,296

Need to aim for this one. Cik Ngah memang nak beli new vacuum cleaner. Yang dah ada besar sangat, the one yang use water tu.....

I want to give away to charity, rumah anak yatim ker rumah org tua-tua ker..InsyaAllah.

Best Washing Machine = TOSHIBA AW-SD160SM
Toshiba Washing Machine, RM2,099.00
Cik Ngah always thought that Electrolux has the best washing machine. I was wrong! But to Cik Ngah, I prefer the front load washing machine.

Cik Ngah own an Elba front load washing machine, 10 years old and still working fine, Alhamdulillah!

Well there are more of the winners for their own category. Cik Ngah just list down the essential and must have one! For more please get the Malaysian Women's Weekly magazine February 2010 issue.

Hope these tips will help women to choose their home appliances smartly and inteligently!!!


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  2. Welcome Lily...and thanks 2 you!

  3. Hi Cik Ngah, Thanks for posting this useful recoomendation. May I know how long it takes to cook normal white rice using the Panasonic rice cooker you recommended on top? Thanks