Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cik Ngah's B'day 2012

My Birthday Cake
Chocolate Moist Cake Covered with Crushed Oreo Cookies,
Elegant and Classy looking cake and delicious too....
This year's birthday Hubby had booked a candlelight steamboat+BBQ at Coconut Groove Beach Restaurant, PD. It was a surprised! Which had brought some minor cupcake blunder!!! He he he..

I was on leave on my birthday and was keen to bake some new recipe that I heard on a cooking show. So I went window shopping that morning of 2nd Feb 2012. Hubby had taken half day leave and I was to pick him up at lunch time. I bought the must have ingredients for the cuppies that is Raspberry!

So we met during lunch and had our lunch at Jaring. Back at home, since Hubby said that he did not plan to go out, I had proceeded to prepare the White Chocolate and Raspberry Cupcakes. Butter and sugar already in mixing bowl, all dry ingredients have been sifted, suddenly Hubby came out of the bedroom asking me what I was doing! He looked surprised and said we need to quickly performed our Asar prayer and went out. We were to depart to PD after his badminton training!

So I had to packed things up and went out after prayer.. Hu hu hu... butter and sugar was left in the mixing bowl! Back from PD, I had to continue making the cuppies though it was already midnight! The cuppies become soggy...bantat org melayu kata!! But my officemates love them!! So that was the story!

Well back to my birthday, I love the cake, it was moist and chocolatey! The idea of covering the cake with crushed oreo cookies is brilliant, that gave me the idea to bake chocolate cake with chocolate topping covered with crushed oreo cookies! Great idea since I do not know how to nicely and neatly glaze or decorate chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, chocolate cream or chocolate topping!!

Thanks Hubby for a nice birthday dinner......

Happy 2012's Birthday Cik Ngah.....

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