Monday, May 23, 2011

Winner Domestic Diva Awards 2010 ''Best in Home & Food"

Best Butter...
Cik Ngah had surely missed the issue of The Malaysian Women Weekly magazine which list the Winner of Domestic Diva Awards 1020 " Best in Home & Food". When Cik Ngah bought May 2011 issue, there is an advert by SCS Butter that they won the butter category. So now for baking using butter Cik Ngah know that SCS is the chosen one!

So Cik Ngah googled for other categories and only found a few, which Cik Ngah gonna list here in my blog!!.

1) Best Ready to Eat Frozen Meat - Ayamas Golden Nugget 

2) Best Processed Meat - AYAMAS Chicken Frankfurter Cheese

3) Best Ready to Eat Canned Food - Ayam Brand Tuna

Those were the only items Cik Ngah found on the internet!!! And Cik Ngah also found the similar award by Singapore Women Weekly magazine;

1) Best Cooking Oil - Naturel Sunflower Oil (2011)

2) Best Olive Oil - Naturel Pure Olive Oil (2010)

3) Best Fish Sauce - Knife Thai Fish Sauce (2011)

Cik Ngah would love to find out more of the winners.....

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